Parijat Luthra

Gamification Expert

Trained more than 2000 People. Created 40 programs and out of them 15 are commercially viable programs, that are running today. Managed more than 150 World class Events.
Educated in: New York, Hawaii, Melbourne , New Delhi & Mussoorie.
Travelled in more than 80 countries Worldwide.
Co Founder of more than 9 Startups.
Ex CEO and Founder of Miraculous the first action Community of the planet. Grew 700% in one year. My team and I created the fastest growing action community on the planet.
Co Founder of Master The Stage which has trained more than 500 people in last 6 Months alone
Trained from top Trainers around the world and spent more than a million dollars on Self Development.
Founder of Speed Turtle the Coaching App.
Expert in Action Training through Gamification.
Trained Trainers to give their Programs and be profitable.
Trekked the top 3 mountains , in 6000 meter plus range next is 700 meters and then the Everest by 2024

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