Conquer the stress of eating unhealthy

We indulge in our favorite food and the next day we are guilty and punish ourselves like we have committed a crime. This happens to many of us. We have a very bad relationship with food. Neither we can resist the temptation nor we are ok when we indulge. Don’t try to compensate for one day of eating unhealthy by beating yourself up to vigorous exercise or calorie restriction the next day. Our body doesn’t work like that. If you have indulged yourself in something which is not healthy, do it consciously not compulsively. Punishing yourself will create more stress in the system and will lead to the YO YO effect.

Tips to overcome the stress of eating unhealthy.

  • Be ok with your indulgence,
  • Start afresh the next day as nothing has happened.
  • Focus that the number of healthy eating meals in the week should be much more than unhealthy ones to create balance.
  • The best would be to plan your indulgences beforehand in a week. So that it is a conscious choice.
  • If you have indulged in one meal Stick to that, don’t carry forward to the next meal of the day.
  • Remember there is no perfect diet but it’s a lifestyle that will have good days and few bad days.