Count your chemicals not your calories

All of us have been used to counting carbs, proteins, calories for our health and weight loss, and growing sugar. Little do we know that secret to weight loss is balancing our blood sugar levels which is dependent on the high-quality foods we put in our mouth.

So what is high quality food? Broadly we can say which is nutritious and wholesome and clean. But if I need to describe it in one word it is a food which is less processed which means it has lesser chemicals.

We might think we don’t consume a lot of chemicals as most of the foods we consume are edible, nicely packaged and claimed to be from good quality sources.

Ever wonder what is inside a packaged food?
Lets see an example of beautifully packed potato chips ‘Pringles’ loved by all especially our kids.We usually think expensive means good quality and these ones are imported, more prized than other regular chips packet. Definitely they are good and better and eating them will do no harm.

Lets closely looks at its ingredients-
Dried Potatoes, Vegetable Oil – which is a combination of corn oil, cottonseed or soybean oil which is very high in omega co. and toxifor a body. All of them are genetically modified oils.

It includes rice flour, wheat starch maltodextrin, mono and diglycerides salt and dextrose. Ever heard of some of these names – The maltodextrin and dextrose are sugars processed from sugar levels in our body and can cause much more harm than you can know. Imagine our kids eating it?

These chemicals impact our biochemistry in a big way. They raise our insulin levels, slowly make our body produce more insulin and result in issues like type diabetes & obesity.

So the key is to eat less processed goats for sure if you want good health.

How to Shift from processed to real food?
WOLS – Follow this rule the best as you can.
W – Wholesome

O – Organic

L – Local

S – Seasonal

For example, eat fruits that are grown locally rather than imported ones. They are usually preserved with chemicals to increase shelf life.

Start reading the labels – Avoid processed foods even if they claim to be healthy. If consuming them then start reading their labels.
Most Important tip – The packaged food with ten ingredients is better. It should not have only 3 or a maximum of 4 ingredients.

1% Improvement – We can’t go from processed to whole foods in one go. We can start taking one step at a time and slowly slowly build on it.
This will not overwhelm us and within a frame of a few months we can shift totally to real foods.

Dirty Dozen – Few vegetables and fruits identified as dirty dozen and best to b used only organic. They are
Sweet bell peppers
When you start consuming clean food devoid of chemicals. Slowly we can see that our health improves, there is less inflammation and we have more energy eating live foods. What else do we want?