Did you know, praying before eating leads to weight loss?

“Every journey is complicated at the beginning, but it is all worth it in the end.”
The weight loss journey is one of the most significant breakthroughs that one experiences. It involves an immense amount of patience, hard work, and dedication towards your body goals. But there are certain tips and tricks to lose weight that are as easy as holding a pen in your hand.
Read more to know one such fact to lose weight in one of the most convenient ways.
Before we eat, we’ve always been told to pray to show gratitude to God for giving us the food we have. Tradition has been passed down from generation to generation and is practised religiously in many households. Yet today’s millennials are challenging these values in such a way as to find the rational answers behind them. So, let’s add some science to the belief in order to get to know the real reason.
While we take a few minutes to show gratitude for the food, our digestive fires are ignited in our mouth. We begin to salivate, and this stimulates our digestive secretions that inform us that it’s time to eat. As soon as the secretions have happened, we’re hungry. This leads to release of enzymes, hydrochloric acid and a hormone called the gastrin are released. These three together accelerate the digestion of the food and helps the ingested food to convert into the micro nutrients which are easily absorbed by the blood. This contributes to less toxic loads, resulting in less fat storage It helps digestion in the nut shell, which further aids weight loss.
It is very important to understand that :
• The lesser energy used to eat food, the more energy left to repair the body and keep it healthy.
• Fat accumulation means that the body is not in balance.

Hence, when digestion is achieved efficiently and when not much energy is required by our body to turn food into essential nutrients. We are left with balanced energy which is used to repair the body.

The simple practice of prayer, therefore, has a logic and has been practiced in all cultures because of its validity. So, before you eat, try to pay gratitude for the food you’re going to eat, and it’s going to tempt you enough to overcome the evil called weight gain.