Constipation means when there is the absence of bowel movement. which can be extremely problematic.

Signs of constipation :

✅ Difficulty in passing stool

✅ Feeling of stool still in the rectum

✅ The stool is hard, dry and in lumps

✅ Pain while passing stools

Ideally, we should be passing stools, 2-3 times a day.

Tips to Cure Constipation :

✅Support it with more fibre.


👉🏿Papaya before meals.


👉🏿Green Veg juice with fibre/can add chia seeds before meals.

✅Add green leafy vegetables in both meals

✅Aloe Vera juice (2-4 tsp)in a day

✅Chia seeds in between meals

Before sleeping

👉🏿Chia seeds/psyllium husk.

👉🏿Magnesium citrate 400 mg before bed.

✅Water intake high throughout the day

✅ Sip Dandelion root tea 2 times a day.


👉🏿Morning walks

👉🏿Yogic squat (malasana)

👉🏿Gentle yogic twist (lay on the floor, pull knees to your chest, twist knee to right and head to left and reverse)


✅Try releasing what you have been holding on to and not releasing. Remember thoughts and gut are connected.

✅Don’t resist constipation.

Don’t think about it the whole day. Believe your body is healing and will adapt to the changes you are doing to make it better.

Try these tips and make your body free of constipation for life.