Why do 95% of dieters get their weight back?

This is not an assumption but a truth.
I have been part of this myself
Losing weight, gaining back, some losing again, gaining back again. This is my story too.

Ever wondered why this happens?
Why are we not sticking to this weight loss? I found an answer to this and have been trying to work on it.

The reason why weight loss doesn’t long last is that we have been trying to work on it without our behavior change.

We are cutting and depriving ourselves in order to lose weight. When the motivation weans off, our body takes over and we feel deprived and irritated- we start eating back again and end up gaining back or more.

So clearly deprivation diets don’t work. So what does?
We need a replacement diet. To explain it even better we need to work on our eating habits.

What are habits?
Habits are automatic actions done without thinking like brushing our teeth every morning, taking a shower, sleeping on the same side of the bed. These are just engraved inside us. We don’t have to think much about it.

Similarly, eating is also a habit. We have a habit of eating parathas in our breakfast, snacking when feeling bored, having tea and namkeen when friends come, eating junk when going out. These are all habits that are not automatic and repetitive.

When we are dating we have not changed our habits consciously but have deprived ourselves and made it as a punishment. So as soon as cravings set in, binging stacks and we get into our old patterns

So how to change our eating habits so that they can stay?
Context – Create and write a strong reason for why you want to lose weight. More powerful is your why more powerful results you can produce.
Awareness – List down all the bad eating habits you have in awareness.
Ask yourself – Are those habits taking you towards your goal. Why are you hanging on to it?
Think of it as a lifestyle – Train your mind that you are heading to a lifestyle change that is going to stay, which will give you results. It’s not a punishment.
Replacement – Replace your unhealthy habits with healthy one eg. – you like drinking tea when sitting with your friends, replace it with green tea. You are used to eating rotis at lunchtime and replacing them with healthy grains like wheat or ragi.
Don’t give in to a craving – remember cravings are also habits. It’s normal for a body to react for 2 weeks when you are charging your habits. After a few weeks, the new healthy habit will look normal to you.
Be Patient – It takes 21 – 90 days to form a new habit. Keep on replacing your diet with healthy stuff, remembering your context. You will abide to do this transition.
Once you have new healthy habits – you don’t need to cut calories to stay fit. Awareness and a new relation to food will give you the results.