How does sleep impact your weight?

We need 7-8 hours of deep sleep. Body cleanses best when we have a sound sleep in complete darkness. But if we are getting up at night frequently, it means our cortisol levels and blood sugar levels are high. 

Ideally, cortisol is at the peak in the morning and should decrease towards the evening. If the opposite is happening, it is because we are always in a hurry and don’t relax in our daytime.

As a result, cortisol doesn’t reduce in the evening and interferes with our sleep cycle. Further, it leads to an imbalanced sugar level and we are not able to lose weight. 

How to improve your sleep :

✅ Relax in your day, take out 10-15 minutes for deep breathing.

✅ Don’t eat 3 hours before your bed unless you already have reached a point where you get up at night.

For this, you can eat a few pumpkin seeds before sleep till you are able to sleep better and then wean off.

✅ Warm baths before sleeping help us in relaxing, especially with Epsom salts.

✅ Journaling 10 minutes before bed to pour out your worrying thoughts so that they don’t disturb you while you are trying to sleep.

✅ Follow a bedtime routine. Ideally, you should sleep by 10:30 and get up by 6 am.

But if you are still struggling with this. Shift your cycle slowly by half an hour.

✅ If someday you missed sleeping for 7 hours, compensate with a short afternoon nap.

✅ Don’t use gadgets before your bed.

These tips will surely assist you in getting sound sleep at night.