Should we avoid sugar only for weight loss?

Sugar has been the ultimate source of sweetness in our lives since forever. In addition, we all have been addicted to it once in our lifetime. Perhaps, we believe that we only need to avoid sugar so that we can stick to our diet plan. Thus, leading to weight loss. Moreover, there are a lot of dieticians in town who permit us to eat ice cream for dinner. We often pride ourselves on the benefit of eating ice creams, that too on a diet.

However, sugar is our worst enemy and is as addictive as cocaine. It hits the same part of the brain as COCAINE does. That is why it becomes an addiction, and we find it extremely hard to avoid it as we often crave it. It is available in various forms and our kids have also become addicted to it that it’s tough to make them stop. Few years ago, type 2 diabetes was considered adult hood diabetes but now we can see it happening in kids too. It’s actually the high time to decrease its temptation for the betterment of everyone.
Let us learn more about the adverse effects of sugar.
1) It is an ANTI NUTRIENT :
It’s just not empty calories, but it contributes to the depletion of our mineral and vitamin stores as it cannot be metabolised on its own. Our body has to borrow calcium, potassium, magnesium and other minerals from the body’s existing stores. This is why people look older than their age and have conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis.
2 ) It causes DEPRESSION :
Due to the depletion of minerals in the body, we suffer from stress and this can further lead to insomnia, depression and anxiety.
The lack of minerals in the body and stress can cause hormonal imbalances leading to loss of sex drive, thyroid issues and brain fog.
4) It causes INFLAMMATION :
Many people suffer from body pains , skin issues, hair fall , bloating and gas. These are the signs of inflammation in the body and are caused due to the consumption of sugar. Many cells are not able to absorb the nutrients and are deprived. This makes the cells weak and inflamed.
5) It can cause CANCER.
Sugar consumption is also one of the reasons of tumour and cancer which are increasing all over the world. Cancer cell feeds on glucose. Hence, after a number of researches in this field, the doctors advice cancer patients to quit sugar.

6) It hampers our IMMUNITY.
People who consume excessive amount of sugar have weak immunity system. Their immunity cells get weak and are not able to attack the bacteria and foreign invaders.Our body is exposed too and hence this leads to poor immunity, inflammation and cancer.

7) It causes HIGH BLOOD SUGAR levels.
Sugar consumption leads to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular issues , weight gain ,kidney issues and many other health issues.
These are some of the health adversities caused due to the excessive consumption of sugar.
In addition, sugar is not just the table sugar that we use. But there are hundreds of names for which it’s sold. We call them hidden sugars.
Have you ever thought about why “zero sugar” is written on a package or a can, but it has ten other names of ingredients written on it.
Next time, when you’re buying a sauce or a zero sugar drink. Don’t forget to check out all the ingredients mentioned on it.