Do you know our gut is our second brain?

Our brain and our gut is connected with a vagus nerve which runs through our tailbone to all over our organs and to our brain. Whenever we feel anxious or worried, there is a direct impact on our stomach. Ultimately, these thoughts lead to poor digestion. 

That’s why if we ever have anxious/worried/fearful thoughts, our stomach gets instantly impacted. We experience multiple motions, stomach rumbling and poor digestion. This means our nervous system is affected. So, in order to keep our digestion in place and soothe our nervous system,we need to tone down this vagus nerve in rest and respond and not fight and fear.

Few tips for soothing vagus nerve are –

✅ OM chanting 

✅ Humming loudly 

✅ Deep Belly breathing 

✅ Singing 

✅ Hot relaxing showers

✅ Walking in silence 

✅ Meditation

These tips can undoubtedly save you from the evil of poor digestion.